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Orthographic Mapping Solutions for G.I.S

Take advantage of value for money, fit for purpose acquisition opportunties. Contact us about the benefits.

Conferences, Events and Freelance TV News and Press Photography

We have years of experience in TV and Press Media, supplying our National Broadcasters and Publishers. Conference and Event Production a specialty.

Mapping and GIS Photography Products

Core Services

Project Planning

We identify with the clients' input:-

* Purpose of the Photography
* The acquisition area
* Timing, both client needs and operational
* Image delivery format/s
* Indicative budget
* Accuracy required to meet expectations
* Any other site specific issues

We provide comprehensive written quotations.


Once the project has been assigned the acquisition mission is prepared. We use the latest Flight Management system, Aviatrix. This provides the flight paths to use, as we traverse the target area. Acquisition requires suitable weather conditions and sun angles and it will not be attempted where the photographic quality is likely to be impaired.


The accuracy of the delivered product will be based on the client's need or use of the photography. This may need surveyed ground control, which can be done pre-or post acquisition. This issue will be discussed in our initial client discussions. As in all aspects of computing, better data in results in better data out.

High Resolution Airborne Multispectral Sensor

SpecTerra are Global Leaders in Airborne Remote Sensing Technologies. They are suppliers of refined multispectral image-based products and tailored solutions to a broad spectrum of land-use industries. SpecTerra's high resolution Imagery is a powerful tool for mapping and monitoring vegetation status across intensive and extensive landscapes: a tool to support the economic, technical and environmental performance of precision land management projects. Vision Communicators are proud to acquire this imagery for them.


Fit for Purpose

Overwhelmed by complexity ? No need to worry. Our core belief is that our delivered results must equal or exceed our client's expectations. We strive to deliver a product that meets objectives, and provides the best value for money. This may mean that the photography may rate lower on spatial accuracy but better in detail or appearance. On the other hand the spatial accuracy may need to be close to survey accuracy.

Deliverable Output

After acquistion the single images, maybe hundreds of them , are processed to TIFF or JPEG format and then with the latest orthographic software stitched into a single mosaic, with no obvious seam or join lines. The imagery is then exported to the required GIS / Image format such as:
1) Geo Tiffs, JPEG, JPEG2000, ECW etc; to suit, for example MAP Info, ARC GIS, Google Earth, Manifest
2) Digital Surface and Terrain Models in data formats to suit the client needs
3) 3 D renderings and models.


* G I S - Geographic Information System
* Orthographic- Orthophoto - The image with the effects of tilt and relief removed to give a uniform-scale photograph which is measurable and to a given level of accuarcy
* Geo-Referenced Image - An image warped and adjusted to fit a plan on a flat plane

Consulting Services

Our resources can be called in, and used for up-to-date advice and consultation in all areas of matters spatial. We have access to overseas providers that are using cutting edge solutions, and even finding solutions to suit a client's need.

Aerial Photo Sample

Professional Photography

There is an age old saying.."A picture tells the story of a thousand words". Never before has this been so true.

We have the resources and experience to make your "story" stand out from the rest. After determining the uses the imagery will be put to, we go about the task of identifying the best way to acquire it, and then after client approval commence.

Commercial photography takes us to many and varied locations. We can help you with your imagery for magazines, corporate brochures , banners, in fact in any medium you want your message to appear. TV commercials , and imagery for web designs, are all part of our capacity. Covering your special event, preparing images for press releases, and also we can capture HD or DV video for use in video news releases. Corporate video production, from concept to final delivery on tape or DVD. We will quickly come back to you with a quotation..

  • Real estate for sale
  • Record the state of the asset
  • Special events
  • Advertising
  • Aerial and ground based

Be Prepared! Take Action... Now!

Events and Media

Planning a conference ? We can assist. Finding venues, negotiating hires, source caterers, provide the technical expertise and equipment.

We have media accreditation with all national TV netwroks, and publishers.

We are experts at "on the spot" breaking TV and Press stories, with access to light aircraft to cover inland NSW.

Other Services

Every client is special!

Photo Post-Processing

Our firm is associated with very experienced and competent staff offering value for money solutions for our clients.

Please contact us for further information in relation to your needs.

Customer Care

We focus on providing a rewarding customer experience and deliver timely services.

In today's fast paced lifestyle you can rest assured your business or personal needs are thorough and concise.

Industry Savvy

We maintain a close association with our industry mentors, software providers, and technical experts within Australia and overseas.

We are members of the Professional Aerial Photographers Association. Brian serves as International Director.

3 D Modelling

Solid Terrain Models are Communication Tools: Combining the worlds of flat maps, satellite imagery and 3-dimensional physical terrain models. STM models have extraordinarily rich color imaging applied to the dimensional surface to make them as beautiful as they are informative. Vision Communicators are resellers for Solid Terrain Modelling in Australia and New Zealand.

Solid Terrain Modelling

Framing and Display

It is one thing to "see" a photograph, but another to "see" it mounted or framed. We can provide a choice of frames and standoffs, timber, with or without a matte, or on lightweight aluminium panels, where you intend to use it other than in the digital environment.


We use professional grade photographic and video equipment, and where we need it, hire in.

Accessible 24/7 for all of our services, with light-aircraft available where needed.

About us / Our story

It is well accepted that you only get one chance to make a first impression.

We live by this maxim, and try our hardest to get it right the first time, and our promise is to do it again until we get it right.


* Are a vibrant company, operating in a market that has been , and still is serviced by large, national and multi-national companies.We invite you to explore the many ways Vision Communicators can help you.

* Have however a passion for what we do, supplying the needs of clients the length and breadth of Australia, in a timely, cost-efficient manner, in a market niche that we excel in.

* Are innovators, looking for solutions . "It can’t be done" is not in our vocabulary.

* Use the latest equipment in it’s class.

* Use post-processing facilities and staff that deliver what we want, when we want it and at a price that is unsurpassed.

* Try, and most times succeed on coming up with better ideas for less.

* Anticipate the down sides, and take steps to control the unforeseen.

* Use air crew for our aerial work with thousands of hours flying time in the log books

* Work with our clients to keep communications flowing

* Are available at very short notice, subject to operational constraints, such as inclement weather.

* Have a fully flexible and accommodating timeline that is often able to be adjusted to suit changing circumstances.

We invite you to explore the many ways Vision Communicators can help you.

Resolution Examples for Vertical Imagery

10 cm 25 cm 50 cm

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